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Designers & Architects

A directory of the world's top designers and architects working in hospitality design. If you would like to be included, please join us.

  • nemaworkshop

    New york, United States

    nemaworkshop is a team of architects, designers, and thinkers who create spaces which are conceptually bold yet highly sensitive to cultural and social contexts. The studio approaches projects through collaborative brainstorming wherein ideas are discussed and reworked until the team emerges with a single cohesive concept. The process is a non-linear approach, adhering to the conviction that good ideas can come from unlikely places. Ultimately, the designs challenge architectural typologies, demonstrate acute cultural awareness and propose original spatial concepts.

  • neolight

    Great bookham, United Kingdom
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Kl, Malaysia
    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    neolight is an award-winning international lighting design consultancy. We bring life to internal and external spaces, injecting passion and a sense of creative design by using technical expertise to create a practical and innovative lighting scheme for projects of all sizes. From luxury hotels, bars and restaurants, to public venues, commercial or office buildings, right through to apartments and private residences we transform these areas into exquisite and uplifting places that people to want to enjoy, experience, and use.

  • Neri&Hu Design & Research Office

    London, United Kingdom
    Shanghai, China

    Neri&Hu Design and Research Office is an inter-disciplinary architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China. Neri&Hu works internationally providing architecture, interior, master planning, graphic, and product design services. With current projects in many countries, Neri&Hu is composed of multi-cultural staff speaking over 30 different languages. The diversity of the team reinforces a core vision for the practice: to respond to a global worldview incorporating overlapping design disciplines for a new paradigm in architecture.

  • NewEra Design

    Shenzhen, China

    NewEra design was founded in 2006 by a deep understanding of, and insights into, Eastern and Western culture. After nearly ten years stable development, combining fashion, art, science and culture with perfectly oriented customer demands. NewEra design has accomplished several classic style-mixed projects. NewEra design are devoted to being China's most stylish and professional design organisation.

  • Newman Gauge

    Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Newman Gauge are an award winning, commercial, interior design, project management and interior branding consultancy. Dedicated to the hotel, leisure, restaurant and hospitality sectors, we understand your customers, help create your vision and create outstanding spaces to work, rest and play. Whether you're planning a one off village pub, trendy city bar or a redesign across an entire estate, we have the experience and know-how to get the job done; on time, on budget, and wow you and your customers.

  • Nicola Ghilardi Architetto

    Legnano, Italy

    Nicola Ghilardi was born in Legnano in 1979 and, after crucial artistic education, he gained his degree in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano School of Architecture in 2006. Today, countless premises have been designed utilising his creativity: clubs, bars and restaurants, with each one literally painted on the customers personality. He believes that it is critical to keep his unique history and culture in mind when designing.

  • Nir Yefet design studio

    Jerusalem, Israel

    Renowned for creating unique blends that work, utilising simple or sophisticated interior designs to fashion useful spaces with a timeless appeal. Natural and artificial lighting is a key element in all designs, producing changeable atmospheres throughout the day into night. Full functionality and aesthetic appeal are the guiding principles behind the studio's architectural projects. "We aim to raise the mundane to the spectacular, creating synergetic interiors - whilst keeping the end user in mind throughout the planning process".

  • NoChintz

    Manchester, United Kingdom

    NoChintz is a creative studio focused on interior design and branding. We bring head-turning design to spaces, places, people and brands. It’s what we like doing best and it’s what we’re best at. We believe in good old-fashioned hard work and creativity. We balance the cool with the commercial to inspire and delight every audience. We use insight, skill, experience and craft to make your world a better place. One tasteful decision at a time.

  • Normal TM

    Mirfield, United Kingdom

    Normal TM are commercial interior architects and designers. We take your empty space and create an interior that ensures your business can deliver its goals effectively and efficiently whilst still being visually pleasing and interesting. Let us find your wow factor... We can deliver your project from inception through to site completion including all statutory approvals and detailed drawing, package design and production.

  • Normal TM Ltd

    Mirfield, United Kingdom

    Normal TM are commercial interior architects and designers. We take your empty space and create an interior that ensures your business can deliver its goals effectively and efficiently whilst still being visually pleasing and interesting. Offices don’t need to be stuffy and bars don’t need to be boring! Let us find your wow factor. We can deliver your project from inception through to site completion including all statutory approvals and detailed drawing package design and production.

  • Noses Architects

    Rome, Italy

    Mohamed Keilani and Luca Gasparini founded Noses Architects in 2005 starting off their career by winning the "In_side" contest- a set up for an exhibition inside the House of Architecture. Over the years their creative skills improved by designing villas, apartments interiors, restaurants and shops between the Middle East and Italy, experimenting and putting together natural materials like corten, glass and wood.

  • Note Design Studio

    Stockholm, Sweden

    To note something, to get noted: we are named after what we try to achieve. We like to pay attention to our surroundings, and try to create things that make others do the same. By looking at what is unique in every project and emphasising that, we transform non-material values into tactile objects and spaces. Note is a Stockholm-based design studio founded in 2008 working within the fields of architecture, interiors, products, graphic design and design strategy.

  • Novus Penetralis limited

    Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Shanghai, China
    Beijing, China
    Vancouver, Canada
    Vladivostok, Russian Federation

    Novus is a partnership of architects and interior designers, possessing a solid background of architectural theory, interior architectural studies and human factors. We are a dynamic, creative firm where innovative approaches to design are encouraged. Novus represents our desire and determination to bring our clients and society new ideas and inspirations. This tireless innovative mentality lying deep in our corporate DNA has brought us prominent presence amongst figures in society in both the commercial, education, hotel and residential arenas.

  • Nuca Studio

    Bucharest, Romania

    Nuca Studio is a multidisciplinary office adaptable to project typology. Our portfolio consists of various types of projects ranging from residential buildings, office buildings, interior design, restaurants and clubs to product/graphics design. Each project has a unique approach and is custom made to suit the customers requirements. Due to our meticulous attitude during the project process, many of our projects have been published in the most recognized publications in the field.

  • O Donnell O Neill Design Associates

    Dublin, Ireland
    Belfast, United Kingdom

    O Donnell O Neill Design Associates was formed in 2001 by Designers Graham O’Donnell and Ann-Marie O’Neill. The company was created as a result of our passion for producing creative and unique hospitality sector design concepts. Our ethos is to maintain high standards of design, whilst having a clear understanding of the commercial viability of projects in the marketplace. The company has offices in Dublin and Belfast and current projects include work in the UK, USA and Ireland

  • O'Brien and Associates Design

    Santa monica, United States

    O'Brien & Associates Design, Inc is led by Margaret O'Brien, an award-winning, Los Angeles-based interior designer. She is equally adept and accomplished in the design of hospitality, residential and corporate spaces for clients all around the world. O’Brien combines multi-cultural influences and bold patterns with a modern sensibility – timeless and glamorous, yet warm and comfortable with a keen sense of fashion. Her interiors are regularly featured in national and international design books and magazine publications.

  • o1creative

    London, United Kingdom

    O1 is a highly creative multi disciplinary design practice. Expert in the delivery of complex interior solutions for the entertainment and leisure sector, we have an enviable track record of producing stunning commercial interiors. The practice approach is collaborative and we will deliver your project from concept and development through to completion. We specialise in delivering highly successful solutions and take the burden of complex project handling away, looking after your business as if it were our own.

  • Obllique

    Singapore, Singapore

    Established in August 2009, Obllique is an interior design consultancy based in Singapore. Founded by Creative Director Abigael Tay, the consultancy works on a wide range of projects and helps businesses integrate spatial design as part of their overall business plan. With a focus on food and beverage chains, Obllique develops effective design strategies that ensure a holistic and consistent environmental branding for all their clients.

  • Oliver Laws

    London, United Kingdom

    Oliver Laws has worked on a broad range of projects, from modern apartments to listed English Country Houses, luxury yachts, aircraft, palaces, embassies, leading hotels and private clubs. The many strengths of the firm combine to offer a comprehensive service where all elements of design and construction are addressed; including detailing architecture, interior architecture, and decoration. The company has completed projects throughout the UK and in North and South America; Europe, Russia, Switzerland, Africa, the Middle East and New Zealand.

  • One Plus Partnership

    Hong kong, Hong Kong

    Established in 2004 by directors Ajax Law and Virginia Lung, One Plus Partnership Limited is an award-winning Hong Kong-based design firm that aims of providing professional services, including interior and architectural concept design, as well as furniture, graphic and signage design. One Plus initiates each project using a specific theme, inspired by the novel and unique elements present in the theme and then develops this into a distinct space.

  • Oscar Vidal Studio

    Alcoy, Spain

    Our studio is focused in the hospitality interior design branch. We started in 2004. We are a small studio but very concerned with the matters concerning our clients, aiming to develop customized solutions. We work in a wide range of projects from full-service to support tasks to other teams. We always work to give a new point of view to the projects in order to maximize the turnover of the investment.

  • Pablo Téllez©

    Barcelona, Spain

    Pablo Téllez© is the name of a firm that works in interior design which emerged in 2009 from foundations laid in 1996. Our keystone has been to broaden our horizons towards the fields bordering our usual activity (from landscape to new communication strategies). In our brief existence so far, we've enriched our language in order to offer innovative results. We currently work for both national and international firms, on public commissions and private projects.

  • PACT.

    Utrecht, Netherlands

    PACT. is a collaborative office for concept creators, specialised in branded interior design, creative direction for events, product design, and social design. Founded by Floortje Donia and Bram Heynen, PACT. represents a combined experience of 15 years in the field and a shared love for design, architecture and communication. From a variety of clients and budgets, PACT. works with thoughtful and surprising solutions. To complete the various projects PACT. develops, a large creative and flexible business network is at hand.

  • Panorama

    Hong kong, China

    As the recipient of over 50 international awards and recognitions, Panorama's planning and design team offers a blend of creative and marketing skills brought together to produce lasting quality design solutions. These solutions consider location based importance, target markets, trends, budget requirements and operations for every size and type. Each environment is assured of a dynamic, vibrant and unique character in its own right.

  • Paperspace Design

    London, United Kingdom

    Paperspace Design creates distinctive, original and effective interiors for restaurants, hotels, bars and shops. We help our clients improve their businesses by getting to know them, understanding their goals and offering creative solutions to their problems. We offer a range of interior design and branding services and create beautiful schemes that transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary places. We understand the specific challenges our clients face and develop practical as well as creative schemes that set them apart from their competitors.