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Designers & Architects

A directory of the world's top designers and architects working in food and beverage design. If you would like to be included, please join us.

  • ADI Studio

    Dublin, Ireland

    ADI Studio is lead by Maria Rice Creative Director and Interior Designer, who has spent over 17 years working in the commercial design industry, gaining expertise in hotel, bar and restaurant design. Maria heads a team of hardworking talented interior designers who all offer their own areas of expertise. ADI Studio partner and participate in joint ventures with award winning architectural practices to produce consistently high quality schemes and detailed bespoke fit out packages.

  • ADI Studio

    Dublin, Ireland

    ADI Studio is led by Maria Rice Creative Director and Interior Designer, who has spent over 16 years working in the commercial design industry, working predominantly in hotel, bar, restaurant and office design. Maria heads a team of hardworking and talented interior designers all of whom offer their own areas of expertise. What ADI Studio bring to the table is not only a creative input, but a wealth of commercial expertise from interior scheme development to concept implementation.

  • Aedas Interiors London

    London, United Kingdom

    Our chartered interior designers provide services to many sectors which include space analysis, space planning, interior design, concept design, bespoke furniture design, refurbishment and new build installation design. Our international experience extends across a range of new-build and refurbishment projects for both public and private sector, including schemes for restaurants and bars, commercial premises, hospitals, private residences and specialist residential accommodation, hotels, education and transport.

  • AfroditiKrassa

    London, United Kingdom

    AfroditiKrassa specialises in category-defining design for the hospitality industry. It includes restaurants, bars and entertainment spaces. We design everything within the interior of a physical space that can be used to communicate what is different, interesting and/or better about a businesses’ story. To achieve great design we believe in challenging the status quo, creating spatial storytelling through a 360 holistic approach and working with people that share our ambition.

  • AfterDesign

    Hong kong, Hong Kong

    We are a strategic branding and design agency enable business to drive growth and improve commercial performance. Through brand and retail strategies, naming, brand identity, packaging, interior design, website and other multi-channel solutions, we work with business leaders to produce compelling and resonate brand values. Bringing the strategic thought to realization.

  • Age Co.

    Tokyo, Japan

    Age was established in 1996 by Ichiro Sato and Saori Murozono. Age co. ltd is an interior design company in Japan which plans, designs and develops a wide variety of facilities including restaurants, cafes, retail stores, boutiques, hotels and resorts, shopping centres, showrooms, schools and residences. Many of Age's clients have enjoyed success and prosperity through its unique designs. Age has received numerous awards in Japan and overseas including Japan's 'Best Store of the Year'.

  • Agence Philippe Batifoulier Design

    Port camargue, France

    Since 2005, French Designer, Philippe Batifoulier has created many thematic hotels, spas, wellness centres, restaurants and bars in France. Winning design awards from Lyon (Griffe Lyonnaise 2007 - Spa Design Award Château de Pizay 2010 - Hotel Design Award Lyon Shop Design 2011). Taking on many new projects for 2015, including a private beach yacht, a gastronomic french restaurant, a typical French 'Bouchon' and a wellness medical centre, we bring a creative approach and technical experience to custom-made projects.

  • Aidlin Darling Design

    San francisco, United States

    With a shared interest in exploring design across a wide range of scales, programs, and disciplines, partners Joshua Aidlin and David Darling started Aidlin Darling Design in 1997. With an emphasis on designing for all of the senses they have cultivated a diverse and collaborative studio that acts as the creative hub for an extended network of builders, fabricators, artists, engineers, chefs, and other collaborators.

  • AKK Architects Ltd

    London, United Kingdom
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Beirut, Lebanon

    AKK, Annabel Karim Kassar's architecture practice, was founded in 1994 in Beirut. Currently with offices in Beirut, Dubai (Annaka fzco) and London, AKK works internationally on commercial, industrial, hospitality and residential projects providing full architecture, interior design and lighting and product design for both the public and private sectors. Annabel is recognised for her winning architectural projects in Beirut and in the UAE, as well as for her work on venues such as Momo’s Beirut and Almaz Dubai.

  • AKSL arhitekti

    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Architectural office AKSL arhitekti was established in 2000, by Špela Leskovic and Aleš Košak. They both completed their studies at the faculty for Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since then their office team and co-workers have produced numerous internationally recognised projects. AKSL's work involves architecture, interior, stage design and other culturally based projects. On their projects, they always work with graphic designers, photographers, painters, fashion designers, innovators, poets and others, to contribute to new projects and ideas.

  • Alexa Nice Interior Design

    Melbourne, Australia

    Whether a restaurant, a retail project, bar or a mixed use project, AN+ID pushes the boundaries of what is possible, driven by the belief that envisaging and conceptualising beyond perceived limitations opens up endless possibilities. Our design philosophy is to create meaningful spaces that define new realities. This theory drives everything AN+ID does, with a passion for design defining who we are and what we truly believe in.

  • Alexander Mulligan

    London, United Kingdom

    Taking inspiration from both artistic and architectural practices, Alexander Mulligan's sculptural approach to design questions the implied connotations of furniture, object and interior. He creates work that focuses on the interplay between space and object, using graphic influences to affect dimensions, planes of surface and function. His experimental use of materials, textures and colour, combined with interactive and engaging elements, serve to create his conceptually exciting and challenging works.

  • Algedra Interior Design

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Algedra Interior Design is the leading and creative interior design agency in Dubai, UAE. We impressed the Middle East with our innovative designs and ideas by creating a perfect combination of the modern and classic touch. We are specialized in providing excellent interior and exterior design services that include creative space planning, designing a villa, and project management for both residential and commercial projects in the Globe. Feel free to contact us for free consultation, email

  • Algedra Interior Design & Decoration Company

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Algedra Interior Design is the leading and creative interior design agency in Dubai, UAE. We impressed the Middle East with our innovative designs and ideas by creating a perfect combination of the modern and classic touch. We are specialized in providing excellent interior and exterior design services that include creative space planning, designing a villa, and project management for both residential and commercial projects in the Globe. Feel free to contact us for free consultation, email

  • AlvinT Studio

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Established in 2010, the studio has been involved with several collaboration projects along with Indonesia’s leading architects, interior designers and commercial brands ranging from consumer electronics to food and beverage companies. The studio consists of creative, passion-driven young interior and product designers that align with the studio's ambition to create a progressive statement within the design industry. Currently working on wide range of projects from restaurants and bars, hotel interiors and apartments to home accessories.

  • AMA Andy Martin Architecture

    London, United Kingdom

    Our mission at AMA is to carry out ambitious building projects on multiple scales and programmes with a commitment to innovation, design and sustainability. We build within the city as if it is our own and we are proud of the result and conscious of the effect that our buildings have both around the city and the inhabitants within.

  • Andre Kikoski Architect

    New york, United States

    Andre Kikoski Architect is an architecture and design firm committed to artistry and innovation regardless of budget, genre or challenge. We create buildings, interiors and objects that are innovative yet achievable, and imaginative yet practical. Our passion for material research, detail-orientation, and client-centric approach have won the firm projects in a wide range of categories. We have been internationally recognised with 26 design awards. Our work is showcased in over 700 publications in 27 countries.

  • Andrea Langhi Design

    Milano, Italy

    My objective is not only to design lovely venues but also successful interiors that work. You may think that architects are just people dressed in a strange way, with big glasses and bow ties, speaking in a complicated way about incomprehensible things and that will make you spend a lot of money… Meeting me will change your mind.

  • Andres Escobar & Associates

    Montreal, Canada

    Andres Escobar & Associates provides a full range of Interior Design Services with emphasis on quality design, strong technical knowledge and attention to detail. Our team of international professionals composed of architects, interior designers and graphic artists has the experience and capacity to manage complex world wide projects of all scales. The specialised interior design team offers consultations with clients on every aspect of a building’s interior, ranging from space planning to art work commissioning.

  • Andrew Nebbett Designs

    London, United Kingdom

    Andrew Nebbett Designs has over 25 years of experience in furniture and storage design, offering a bespoke design & production service alongside their Ready-to-Go range of products, available to buy online. Masters of their art, Andrew Nebbett Designs will 'wow' you with their beautiful pieces from classical clothing rails, delicate yet sturdy copper topped and zinc topped tables, to elegant equestrian tack racks and much in between.

  • Anna Duval

    Paris, France

    Anna Duval is an interior designer specialising in high-end commercial (boutique hotels, restaurants, cafés) and residential (apartments, houses) projects. She is based in Paris, and works worldwide. Each of her projects is designed to maximally address the aesthetic and functional needs of her clients. Through her work experience, Anna has developed her own technology for creating an interior space.

  • AQSO

    Madrid, Spain
    Beijing, China

    AQSO is a multidisciplinary studio composed of an international group of professionals dedicated to contemporary architecture, design, urban planning and cultural research. Our philosophy combines a rigorous and pragmatic approach with an innovative attitude. We approach every project with an ambitious methodology that investigates and analyzes social, economic, technical and sustainable issues. Our ability covers a wide range of types and scales.


    Barcelona, Spain

    ARCHIT3CTUM Studio is an international study located in Barcelona, which is formed by a multidisciplinary design team composed of professionals in different fields of architecture and design, led by the architect René Mateo, who throughout his career has worked with the various disciplines related to Architecture, Art and Design in general.

  • Architect CT Ltd

    Manchester, United Kingdom

    We are a strong team who have the technology to communicate everything to you as efficiently as possible. Firmly grounded in hand drawn and individually developed design, we then utilise a range of up-to-date technology to communicate quickly and fluently with our clients, including AutoCAD (incorporated with Architectural Desktop), Photoshop, Sketchup visualisation, and 3D rendering packages. We tend to work mostly with in the bar and restaurant industry but have worked on hotels previously including our flagship Ellenborough Park Hotel.

  • Architectural Bureau Archkon

    Moscow, Russian Federation

    Since 2000, Arkhitekturnoye Buro Arkhon (Architectural Bureau Arkhkon) has been successfully executing urban planning projects, designing private and public buildings, countryside residences, creating residential and commercial interiors under the direction of architect Ilya Meytys, the founder and the chief architect of the bureau. The company has completed over 150 projects in Moscow and the Moscow region, Sochi, Kazan, Perm, Khanty-Mansiysk and Kazakhstan.