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Designers & Architects

A directory of the world's top designers and architects working in food and beverage design. If you would like to be included, please join us.

  • Poole Associates

    Singapore, Singapore

    Timeless design - Our experience and expertise range from large commercial buildings to the smallest details for retail shops, always paying close attention to function and detail. Each project is analyzed to satisfy clients functional, economic and image concerns. We do not adhere to a particular design style. Final solutions evolve from the many factors relating to a project, each viewed from a fresh perspective.


    Tokyo, Japan

    Founded by Hiroyoshi Takei, the Managing Director and head interior designer, PULSE INC is an interior design office in Tokyo now in its 10th year. We specialise in the design of retail spaces, restaurants, cafes, bars and offices and have a lot of experience in realising your concepts and bringing them to life.

  • RDA Design Studio

    Phoenix, United States

    A Boutique Architecture and Interior Design studio in Phoenix Arizona working on Hospitality, Commercial and Residential Projects in and around Arizona. We practice a holistic and client centric approach to ensure premium quality for each project. We are constantly educating ourselves about new materials and products on the market to make sure that we can service a variety of clients and styles. Our team consists of different nationalities and our diverse background brings a lot of different points of view.

  • Relativity Architects

    Los angeles, United States

    Relativity Architects (RA) is a Los Angeles based office founded by Tima Bell and Scott Sullivan. From our groundbreaking designs at Siren Studios to our current explorations, RA has relentlessly pursued the development of culturally relative architecture. RA produces work in the realms of landscape design, urban design, building and interior design commissions. RA's commitment to architectural innovation, design collaboration, and construction excellence has been demonstrated in the development many project typologies.

  • Ricki Kline | Design + Build

    Los angeles, United States

    Ricki Kline | Design + Build is a boutique interior-design studio that focuses on creating exceptional venues in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Based in Los Angeles, Ricki and his team have forged their reputation by combining cutting edge design and high quality craftsmanship to create beautiful settings for a variety of clients. The team takes pride in providing an unmatched level of customer service with a fresh and personalized approach -- every time.

  • S|E|A Design Group

    Kenilworth, United Kingdom

    Holistic project design and management. With in-house specialisms for both interior and exterior design, planning and project management, our team provides fluid design excellence throughout site boundaries. Whilst our main client base is within the hospitality and F&B trades, our broad experience allows us to adapt any initial brief into concept designs, building them into working drawings with continual supervision - ensuring the end results achieve client expectations.

  • Sampson Associates

    London, United Kingdom

    Sampson Associates are Architects and Interior Designers specialising in pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels. Based in London but working across the whole of the UK. For everything we do, we always endeavour to meet the client’s brief in the most innovative way possible and to complete each project on time and within budget.

  • SEA Design Group

    Kenilworth, United Kingdom

    Through a solid team, all specialist in their given trade; interior design, architectural detailing, project management, or landscape, we can mould ideas into fully-fledged concepts & turn concepts into beautiful trading spaces - with the management experience to deliver projects on time & on budget. Our consultancy uses these layers of specialism to provide a unique site design & brand identity.

  • Söhne&Partner architects

    Vienna, Austria
    Lienz, Austria

    A building must always engage in a dialogue – with its surroundings and the people who use it. Our architecture is always tailored to the needs of the people who live, work or spend their leisure time in our buildings. We also pay attention to our buildings’ surroundings, and use them as a source of inspiration. Because the brief, site and client are never the same twice over, every project is unique – and so are our solutions.

  • SOSH Architects

    Atlantic city, United States
    New york, United States

    SOSH Architects is an architecture, interiors, and planning firm that specializes in the hospitality, entertainment, retail, civic, and education markets. With offices in Atlantic City and New York, the firm is led by principals Thomas J. Sykes, William A. Salerno, and Nory Hazaveh, who continue their personal involvement in each project. Since its founding in 1979, SOSH has established a worldwide reputation for master planning, architectural design, interior design, project management, and visualization services.

  • Stickman Design

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Hong kong, Hong Kong

    Stickman is an international Dubai based boutique style interior design consultancy dedicated to the hospitality & leisure industry, with offices in Dubai and Hong Kong. The bare, no-named ideology is reflected in the moniker which stems from Stickman’s ability to view concepts with ‘new’ eyes. We see every project as a blank canvas ready to dress. We have no preconceived notions of relevance and definitely no pre-packaged selections up our sleeves.

  • studio -gram

    Adelaide, Australia

    Founded by Graham Charbonneau and Dave Bickmore, our design practice focuses on creating experiences as familiar as they are surprising. Our projects are collaboritavely crafted and artfully considered. Inspired by faces and places, we endeavour to take users on journeys outside of their imagination. We are collaborators. We enjoy working together with all project team members and client groups. Our project teams range from art directors and photographers, to botanists and permaculturists, through to audio specialists and mixologists.

  • Studio McCormack

    Costa mesa, United States

    Studio McCormack has an unsurpassed dedication to creating exceptional design that engages and delights. The art of our designs is realised through the harmonious merging of the unexpected and our fascination with functionality and practicality. Fuelled by passion, we are driven to lead, never follow and make the impossible, possible.

  • Studio MU

    Tel aviv, Israel

    StudioMU specialises in commercial interior design for retail, leisure and hospitality. Including restaurants, bars, coffee shops, event halls, hotels, shops, supermarkets and chains. As well as architecture and interiors: residential buildings, commercial structures, private houses and offices. We design site-specific artefacts for projects: furniture, lights and display structures for commercial spaces. In our work process we aim to refine all the elements that create the experience through consideration of factors such as: location, environment, budget, purpose and target clientele.

  • Studioapart

    Barcelona, Spain
    Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Bangalore, India
    Kuala lumpur, Malaysia
    Vienna, Australia
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Studiapart is a multidisciplinary design firm with wide experience designing Retail, Restaurants and Leisure space in different countries and cultural backgrounds. Currently the firm works between Barcelona , Spain and Colombo, Sri Lanka, specialized in international projects the firm had designed in India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Malaysia, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain and Germany and collaborate with brands like Sony, Roca, Coffee Day, Mercedes Benz and many more.

  • supermaniac inc.

    Tokyo, Japan
    Osaka, Japan

    Our motto is not only to produce a good design but to also to consider how our client's business can succeed with our design. Our business consists of three types of work: concept, design and branding. Concept Work; defining a client’s philosophy and principles clearly through dialogue and by creating visuals. Design; we design all kinds of spaces. Branding; directing strategies to spread the branding image of spaces and merchandise and guiding them to reach their business goal.

  • Sweeney Design

    Dublin, Ireland

    With a background in Industry Design, John Sweeney soon found himself working with various restaurants and bars around Dublin. Since setting up Sweeney Design in 2015, his small business has grown and worked with some of the top names in the industry such as Dylan McGrath in Rustic Stone & his more casual affair Fade Street Social and more recently Andrew Rudd's Medley on Fleet Street.

  • SWeeT

    Tokyo, Japan

    Takeshi Sano is an international interior designer well known for his elegant and sustainable design. His design always contains versatile consideration not only for the interior surface, but also for the spatial operation. His strength lies in his ability to reflect Japanese and all other international style into his design.

  • Tag Collective LLC

    New york city, United States

    Simply put, we believe branding isn’t just a pretty face. It’s a combination of problem solving and storytelling—moreover, branding has power. It shapes perception, informs interaction, and inspires emotion. Our mission is to put the inherent power of branding to work. We're an action-oriented team, and our clients find fellow entrepreneurs who don't shy away from a challenge. We are nimble, knowledgeable and put our passion to work by taking brands to the next level.

  • Tait

    Harpenden, United Kingdom

    We are an integrated design agency, specialising in branded environments. Our collaboration of interior and graphic design nurtures a unique approach to our work across all channels from digital to print and the built environment. Established in 1994, Tait has the capabilities to be involved from strategic inception to implementation. We are experienced collaborators, adept at organising multi-disciplinary teams and have a wide knowledge base that allows us to deliver effective, tailored results.

  • Tectus Design

    Heraklion, Greece

    Tectus Design is a company that is involved with projects such as restaurants – bars, cafes, stores, offices, residences, hotels etc, over 20 years. The company is experienced in the total purchase of services, relating to interior and exterior design. Our target is first of all functionality, while we focus on man and his need for fun, relaxation and welfare. Beauty and quality, basic principles of our work, can be distinguished in many parts of Greece and abroad.

  • The Department of the Interior

    Somerville, United States

    The Department of the Interior collaborates with clients to make their visions come to life. Conceptual design is one of the studio's strengths and a favourite part of the process. Developing a strong concept gets the project off on the right foot and leads to a cohesive final design. A typical project includes concept design, space planning, design development, construction drawings and installation management. When the project is complete, we want people to walk into your place, not past it.

  • tp bennett

    London, United Kingdom
    Manchester, United Kingdom

    tp Bennett is a leading architectural, interiors and town planning practice with over 90 years' experience across a range of building types in the private and public sectors. We've grown to a practice of 210 with over 65 architects from a number of backgrounds and possessing a breadth of cross-sector experience and expertise. Based in London with a regional office in Manchester and affiliate design partners worldwide, our award-winning practice is well placed to meet our clients needs.

  • United Design Practice

    Beijing, China

    From the intangible to the tangible. From the very small to the very big. Retail, interior, branding, architecture, master-planning, landscaping, marketing communication, PR events, exhibition. We've been hired to do jobs, but the end solutions are much less defined and more effective. Behind every design brief is a business challenge. We investigate the very nature of the challenge, analyse the competitive landscape and best-in-class precedents, before disrupting the norm with innovative solutions across all touch points.


    Prague, Czech Republic

    Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák met during AAAD studies, where they began their collaboration. Both taking internships in Alvar Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, where they received an award for their work. After graduating AAAD Prague, they aimed to epitomise a new and fresh generation of Czech designers with wide range of interests and highly professional approach. Since then, they have been working on projects from different fields in architecture and product to graphic design.