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Designers & Architects

A directory of the world's top designers and architects working in food and beverage design. If you would like to be included, please join us.

  • 4 Space

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    4 Space is a diversified, dynamic and multi-talented firm advocating a humane approach, delivering innovation and quality in interior design, project management and space design. Led by Principal Partners Amjad Hourieh and Firas Alsahen, we have thrived over our 15 years of operation to provide extensive practical knowledge in design of commercial, retail and hospitality spaces, living spaces and exhibitions. This knowledge provides us with the insight to make objects resonate and to craft environments with impression.

  • 44th Hill

    London, United Kingdom

    44th Hill is a brand environments agency with an established external network and 20 years of experience working with global companies in the delivery of world class environments. Our clientele for commercial projects vary widely, however we predominantly work in the hospitality sector creating innovative and user-friendly spaces for leisure operators such as The Rum Kitchen, Chicago Rib Shack and Señor Ceviche.

  • A01 Architektai

    Vilnius, Lithuania

    A01 architektai is a team of ambitious and enthusiastic architects, engaged in designing structures for various purposes and creating modern and functional interiors. We offer a wide range of design services starting from concept creation, preparation of technical and structural projects and ending with authorial supervision of each project. We co-operate with engineers and specialists of all construction fields at each design stage. Each project is performed thoroughly and responsibly in order for results to exceed expectations.

  • ABM Food Restaurant Construction

    Vancouver, Canada

    There are many aspects to be considered when constructing and opening a new restaurant. We are driven to meet deadlines and strive to deliver the highest degree of customer satisfaction and peace of mind. At ABM it’s our pleasure and responsibility to provide you with a free consultation where we will discuss factors such as location, budget, and the overall operation from design to build.

  • Acton Ostry Architects

    Vancouver, bc, Canada

    The work of Acton Ostry Architects is created with thoughtful consideration of local topography, climate, culture and to lessons learned from buildings inherited from the past. Russell Acton and Mark Ostry, the founding Principals, lead the firm with three associates and thirty staff, five of whom are LEED accredited professionals.

  • Agence Philippe Batifoulier Design

    Port camargue, France

    Since 2005, French Designer, Philippe Batifoulier has created many thematic hotels, spas, wellness centres, restaurants and bars in France. Winning design awards from Lyon (Griffe Lyonnaise 2007 - Spa Design Award Château de Pizay 2010 - Hotel Design Award Lyon Shop Design 2011). Taking on many new projects for 2015, including a private beach yacht, a gastronomic french restaurant, a typical French 'Bouchon' and a wellness medical centre, we bring a creative approach and technical experience to custom-made projects.

  • Aidlin Darling Design

    San francisco, United States

    With a shared interest in exploring design across a wide range of scales, programs, and disciplines, partners Joshua Aidlin and David Darling started Aidlin Darling Design in 1997. With an emphasis on designing for all of the senses they have cultivated a diverse and collaborative studio that acts as the creative hub for an extended network of builders, fabricators, artists, engineers, chefs, and other collaborators.

  • Algedra Interior Design & Decoration Company

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Algedra Interior Design is the leading and creative interior design agency in Dubai, UAE. We impressed the Middle East with our innovative designs and ideas by creating a perfect combination of the modern and classic touch. We are specialized in providing excellent interior and exterior design services that include creative space planning, designing a villa, and project management for both residential and commercial projects in the Globe. Feel free to contact us for free consultation, email

  • AlvinT Studio

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Established in 2010, the studio has been involved with several collaboration projects along with Indonesia’s leading architects, interior designers and commercial brands ranging from consumer electronics to food and beverage companies. The studio consists of creative, passion-driven young interior and product designers that align with the studio's ambition to create a progressive statement within the design industry. Currently working on wide range of projects from restaurants and bars, hotel interiors and apartments to home accessories.

  • Andre Kikoski Architect

    New york, United States

    Andre Kikoski Architect is an architecture and design firm committed to artistry and innovation regardless of budget, genre or challenge. We create buildings, interiors and objects that are innovative yet achievable, and imaginative yet practical. Our passion for material research, detail-orientation, and client-centric approach have won the firm projects in a wide range of categories. We have been internationally recognised with 26 design awards. Our work is showcased in over 700 publications in 27 countries.

  • Architectural Design Studio, Inc.

    Los angeles, United States
    Honolulu, United States

    Architectural firm designing restaurants conveying authentic elegance and simplicity. Projects can be casual cafes such as multiple locations of Lemonade restaurants, or fine dining establishments such as projects for chefs Wolfgang Puck and Joachim Splichal. The project starts with the concept of the atmosphere we wish to create, and then proceeds to the technical side, designing a seamless flow for the service side of the restaurant and ensuring a great experience for the customer.

  • Aria Group Architects, Inc.

    Oak park, illinois, United States

    Aria Group is a firm that makes a positive difference in people’s lives; design that exceeds expectations, buildings that are technically strong and projects that make business sense to the Client. Aria Group focuses on designing restaurant, entertainment and hospitality projects in 44 states and has worked in Canada, Mexico, South America, Middle East, South Korea and China. They are a recognised leader in the industry having designed over 2,500 restaurants.

  • atmos

    London, United Kingdom

    atmos is an award-winning multidisciplinary art, architecture and design practice (est. 2007) that works internationally - from small-scale product-design to large-scale master-plans, with core expertise in public installations and bespoke residential environments. Their work centres on innovative sculptural designs that often incorporate cutting-edge digital fabrication and data mapping. They create work addressing all the senses, with projects that reward close inspection yet abide in the memory, merging meaning and sensuality. They have been widely published and exhibited.

  • Bara Design Studio

    Budapest, Hungary

    From 2003, our office has specialised in television set designs, restaurants, hotels and house planning. Our activities include: external and internal spaces, furniture, and graphic designs. Important design considerations for us are that the materials we use should be timeless and durable, in respect of the space they are in. Independent of the current fashion waves, we believe that to achieve a final result, an open-minded customer and appropriate communication is essential, with the client’s needs in mind.

  • BASILE Studio

    San diego, United States

    BASILE Studio is a full service design, build and fabrication studio specialising in the creation of innovative, functional and distinctly relevant structures, environments and objects. Our 12,000 square foot, single-site operation affords our diverse and talented team of designers and artisans the ability to support the needs and vision of our clients collaboratively, merging them with a skilled and instinctive sense of the project environment, and providing a highly customised and sophisticated solution, down to the details.

  • BCV Architects

    San francisco, United States

    BCV Architects is an award-winning architecture and design firm with international experience in creating exquisitely detailed environments. BCV applies timeless, sustainable design to a diversity of project scales, from cafes, wine bars and restaurants to market halls. BCV's restrained and elegant designs create enduring projects that seamlessly integrate architecture and interiors. Common to all projects is the creation of fresh and thoughtful design approaches that engage the public and provide a unique and high-quality amenity.

  • BDP

    Manchester, United Kingdom

    BDP Lighting are specialist, award-winning lighting designers with an extensive portfolio of national and international design work. The design team consists of artists, product designers, engineers, theatre designers and architects. Every project benefits from this vibrant mix of skills and backgrounds and our independence from any supplier allows us to select the best solutions for the project. We deliver the highest quality on time and on budget.

  • belenko

    Istanbul, Turkey
    Odesa, Ukraine

    Belenko is an internationally oriented group of architects, artists, designers and managers. Our team are highly-motivated professionals in the field of interior design. We create custom design and manufacturing of any interior parts. All that is created in the studio is made personally and unique. From conception and design to manufacturing we are combining the handcrafted and the machine-made processes in close cooperation with our clients to give them the perfect result they expect.

  • Bent Gable Design

    Toronto, Canada

    We are a full service Design Studio. We specilize in developing concepts where objects and spaces coexist to create an inspired artistic personnel statement. We believe in the individual approach to design and strive to make every space a memorable experience. Whether doing new builds or refurbishing the old, we like to imbue all of our spaces with the spirit of both.

  • BergDesign Architecture

    New york, United States

    BergDesign creates warm, modern, conscientious buildings. Our work includes residential, hospitality, commercial architecture and furniture design. We specialise in close working relationships with clients, focused attention to detail, and an acute understanding of place. We are committed to creating luxurious modern environments that improve quality of life, while embracing sustainable building practices and current building technologies.

  • BHDM Design

    New york, United States

    BHDM is the Manhattan-based design studio led by partners Dan Mazzarini and Brian Humphrey. With a combined 35 years of experience across varying design industries, Mazzarini and Humphrey are experts at crafting unique experiential spaces. BHDM has worked on a diverse array of projects, including high profile hotels, restaurants, and retail. BHDM tells a story through the spaces it creates while re-imagining the visual landscape through stylish, spirited, sophisticated designs that embrace a sense of theatricality and the unexpected.

  • Bluarch

    New york city, United States
    Rome, Italy

    Bluarch is an award-winning, international firm devoted to creating beautiful and efficient architecture and spaces... through light. We believe that functional, exciting, evocative spaces reflect the ultimate balance of design, budget and technology. We offer our expertise in interior design and lighting design as one set of services, so that great beauty and operational needs are met seamlessly.