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Bright Goods

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Bright Goods is founded by LED Eco Lights, pioneering retrofit LED lighting for 10 years. Designed to provide a timeless vintage feel, the Bright Goods range of antique-style filament LED lamps consist of a variety of classical shapes including GLS, globes, squirrel cages, candles, tubes and more.

Inspired by the charm and elegance of a bygone era, Bright Goods filament LED lamps are available in 2.2K (very warm) and 2.7K (warm) colour temperatures, providing a stylish choice for restaurants, bars, interiors, hotels, homes, retail and spaces where decorative lighting is needed.

Since its successful launch in 2015, Bright Goods LED filament lamps can be seen in; Alberts Schloss, Burger & Lobster, DF Mexico, Dishoom, Fuller’s Pubs, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Handmade Burger Company, Jamie’s Italian, Michelin-star Kitchen Table, Nando’s (nationwide), Oakman Inns, Pizza Express, including well-known retail stores.

The Bright Goods range directly replaces traditional, energy-hungry incandescent, halogen and filament light bulbs. Unlike other filament light bulbs on the market, the Bright Goods range of LED filament light bulbs offer full dimming capability – an essential for creating mood lighting within hospitality, a 30,000 hour lifespan – which is ten times more than traditional filament, and more importantly, they use ten times less energy, making them the ideal, energy-efficient lighting solution.

Bright Goods was selected as Finalist for the Innovation Awards at the Retail Design Expo 2016, along with featuring on the Expo’s Innovation Trail.


  • Lighting
  • Decoration & Interiors

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