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Otto Tiles & Design

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Otto Tiles and Design is based in London and Istanbul, bringing trendy hand made encaustic tiles and our unique Ottoman inspired ceramics produced in Turkey are delivered worldwide. Using Turkish cement sand, stone granules and crushed marble gives these tiles a discernible depth of quality and durability. For high-traffic areas, or those prone to stubborn stains, our 6-8 mm colour layer allows for grinding, so your tiles come up like new, decade after decade. Our special pigments never lose their vibrancy. Because we use marble-grinding machines after our artisans have hand-pressed our designs, your tiles are easily cleaned and the colours keep their box-fresh sharpness.

Being the unique exporter of Topkapi Palace ceramics, we draw on our Iznik heritage - as epitomised in Topkapi Palace - to bring you the stunning colours and sinuous patterns of Ottoman splendour. Some are true to the originals, some we tweak to meet contemporary taste. Others leave our tradition behind and draw inspiration from the art deco era or more modernist design.

We're delighted to accept commissions on both ceramic and cement tiles to your own design specifications and production runs for the latter need not be huge. We work with architects and interior designers to produce our hand made tiles specific to their desired colours. Otto Tiles is proud to have experience working with popular restaurants, bars and hotels all around the world.


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